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Onstate Technologies designs, manufactures and markets innovative, energy-efficient solid-state lighting (SSL) products incorporating light emitting diodes (LED) and electronics. Onstate is committed to providing world-class, innovative, professional LED lighting products for residential and commercial lighting. Onstate's LED lighting solutions feature Onstate's proprietary Inverse LightTM optical system, thermal management, advanced opto-electronics and high-power LED technology in an all-weather, integrated unit. The result is higher systems efficiency and lower maintenance and operating costs. Onstate offers full technical support on its products.

Save up to 80% on lighting costs.

Onstate LED lighting solutions:
1. Long life, low maintenance.
2. 50k+ hours operation.
3. No toxic metals.
4. Environmentally safe.
5. No harmful radiation.
6. Cool, quiet, safe operation.
7. Instant light. No warm-up.
8. High quality white light.
9. High efficiency.
10. External sensor controllable.
11. Easily dimmable.

Onstate provides LED lighting solutions for residential and commercial lighting. We offer competitive pricing and full technical support on our products. Custom manufacturing available. Please contact us at on-tech@onstatetech.com for more information



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