Onstate Technologies designs, manufactures and markets innovative, energy-efficient solid-state lighting (SSL) products incorporating light emitting diodes (LED) and electronics. Onstate is committed to providing world-class, innovative professional LED lighting products for residential and commercial lighting.

Onstate Technologies has its foundation in the technology of lighting in both infrared and visible light. It is a technology-based electronics manufacturing company relying on research and development to provide innovative, engineered products to the customer in real-world applications. There is high emphasis on products with intellectual property potential through the use of patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs. All products are designed and manufactured for functionality, reliability, compatibility, and inter-changeability with emphasis on quality and high ruggedness in mind. Onstate continuously improves products through real-world applications testing and using the latest technologies and techniques to provide optimum product performance. Our products are quality checked and burned-in to ensure reliable, safe operation to CSA, UL, CE, FCC or equivalent standards as necessary that customers expect. Onstate follows the ISO 9000 Standards of business operation. Total quality management and lean manufacturing is an integral part of Onstate operation. Simply put. It works.

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Onstate Technologies
10A-825 McBride Blvd
New Westminster, BC V3L 5B5
Tel. 604-522-7811 Toll free. 1-877-607-7811
Fax. on-info@onstatetech.com

Email- General Information: email us at On-Info (at) Onstatetech (dot) com. Onstate Technologies is located in British Columbia, Canada. We welcome any comments and questions.

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